Design and construction

Outscape design and construction delivers an outdoor space that combines your ideas and our creative vision to been crafted into something that’s best for the landscape and the people who experience it.

We work with you throughout the whole process form initial designs through to construction of your new landscape to seamlessly deliver the best possible outcome.

Initial Meeting and Site Consultation

Our initial consultation is an informal discussion around your vision and requirements for the project.

From there, we will prepare a design proposal that outlines the costs involved with proceeding to the next stage of design.

We then delve deeper into your ideal outcomes and requirements through a concept discussion meeting where we will discuss different layouts, planting palettes & hardscape products, working collaboratively with you to create your own unique style.

Concept Design

Based on our previous discussion meetings our Concept Design stage is where all the pieces start coming together to create your first draft concepts.

In some instances, these may be hand-drawn sketches used to indicate where we are headed with the design.

This is a very important stage for us gathering crucial feedback prior to pushing on to the final design.

Landscape Design and Consultation

After completion of the conceptual stage we will have everything we need to complete modeling your landscape design.

Using software that enables us to build your landscape from our office, we model our designs in 3D allowing us to input the correct contours from around your property, resulting in a far more efficient and accurate outcome.

We then present our landscape design in person to carefully discuss the intentions in depth to ensure your vision and our plans are aligned.

After the presentation we will give you some time to digest the information, then we discuss your thoughts, feedback and collectively work together to produce a final design and budget.


Once your design is finalised, the highly skilled construction team take over to turn your design into a reality.

Driven by quality, our landscaping professionals are passionate about their work and take pride in delivering high-quality finishes.

We understand that the construction process can be quite intrusive, but we seek to minimise this by being efficient and professional, keeping worksites clean, whilst always being mindful that they are working within your personal living space.

The landscape team consists of:

Construction Manager – This is your immediate point of contact with the day-to-day running of the project, similar to a building company, our construction managers are responsible for scheduling, productivity and quality control of the project.

Site supervisor – This is the person running production on site, ensuring that materials are ordered and the general management of the project, ensuring the team is on track.

Landscapers – This team oversees the hands-on construction of your project, they are multi-skilled and can perform all the tasks outlined within the project.

Once work begins on your project, you will be regularly updated about the progress by your Site Supervisor.



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